Archangel Messages by Asia

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Workshops listed below can also be scheduled at your home or business location.  Schedule to come soon on left panel - come back to this page for updates. 


I.  Meditation for Heart-Connection

Our lessons with the bees, as with all of Nature, teaches us Divine wisdom and soul understanding about the inherent need for 

balance in ourselves, and as we come together in our local communities.

This 1 1/2- hour program offers guided, spirit-led meditation to connect our hearts to the cosmos and grounded to our Earth.  This healing practice connects One to assist with our global awakening!  With practical research backed in the science of today, Asia helps you to fall in love again with all that is expansive - including You!

Followed by a short 

lecture about these times we are in. 

 Time for Q & A connecting people with the angels for answers.

As an intuitive and Master Channel for more than 30 years I am being asked by my guides to share around the country via this pop-up/ 'how to' teaching to lift the energies of the Earth to a point of new heart activation – a place of Peace and Wellness for All. 


This event suggested. $45.00 per participant


If you are interested in hosting this uplifting, reconnecting course, my ask : 

 A safe, quiet, space PLUS: If there are others who would like to bring drums, or throat/sound healing instruments to open energies for your area and then afterwards I will proceed with the highest level teachings that I have received about history, our Earth, Angels and Extraterrestrials! 

I was given information (see attached) about the grid that was directly downloaded to me for this purpose.


II.  Discover Your Soul’s Divine Purpose

This day-long workshop, guided by Archangel Michael, will help you

to answer many of your important questions regarding how your 

life’s dreams can best be actualized. 


You will, with skillful angelic guidance,  

uncover that which is waiting to be recognized within! 

In this workshop you will find more empowerment than you ever thought imaginable in living your true soul's divine purpose!

*Cost of class includes a free 30-minute private session

with Archangel Michael.  $105.00 per participant.


III.  Creativity and Intuition:  
Opening to the Truth of Your Heart

In this introductory  3-hour workshop you will begin a creative process to reclaim: Creative Intuition; Wisdom; Your Inner Truth.    

Wisdom and Truth come forward as you transform negative self-talk to return to your true self to the Light.

            In this workshop participants will create a personal mandala.  

Includes in-class guidance from Archangel Michael

$45.00 per particpant

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