Archangel Messages by Asia

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Solstice Message.  December 21, 2016. 

Alethea Kehas' Healing Room. 

The following messages were received by Asia as part of the desire of our group for further understanding on what techniques we could use to implement the positive energies of the new light grid that has been in place around our Earth.   The crystal grid was provided by Darlene Doughty.  

The session began with a group meditation in which the Archangel Michael asked that we visualize ourselves laying with our backs on the Earth, in a meadow in early spring.   Feeling the Earth supporting us we were encouraged to continue to open our hearts. 

The session continued with Archangel Michael:  

"I first want to let you know that there are light codes around this Earth

But its not quite yet time to alert you to connect with those frequencies because there are some disentanglements that need to occur first and foremost. So before the activation of heart center to the incoming light codes is actuated, what I’d like you to do is think of Us as a group - all of us - in this imaginary place , as good friends, and we’ve come together with a single purpose, which is to alert the light codes themselves,  which have exclusive information, that we are ready.

However, there truly is a need to become ready.  I would like to answer a few questions, because many of your minds are swirling with ultra anxiety or alertness regarding this last presidential election, and it is creating, even among light workers - some distress, right at the heart center.    So you see, there is some things that need to be cleared prior to receiving the information from the light codes.   (Archangel Michael asks Darlene in the group) What is the highest level of concern that you have going forward today?  [D: Future generations].

Archangel Michael continues: Let us point forward to future generations, and ask the group if there is anybody that would like to add something to that concern about future generations? [Pause}

We can even move the question not only towards future generations of humankind, but future generations of all beings on Earth.

So if there is no other concern, then Archangel Michael is going to use Darlene as a 'guinea pig' - and her healing effort will benefit other parts of society – so you will be representative of many of the voices that have been heard the last several months regarding the concern for future generations. So what is actually occurring is that this energy of concern is really settled into the backbone of many individuals. Causing tension, stress headaches as a result, even abnormal eathing patterns or excessive emotions such as fear or anxiety. And this is much like a rope that is tightening, so the more fear and concern that people are experiencing regarding this topic of future generations, the tighter the rope gets. So what He would ike to do using you Darlene as the quantum subject is to loosen the strands of that rope. So that rather than the rope tightening, he’s going to allow this , through a breathing exercise, to loosen. When it is loose, you can each imagine, --as you imagine you are laying with your backs against the Earth…. Each of the strands become more identifiable. As you know, when a rope is tightened it is more difficult to make a distinction between the different individual strands.

Using your own internal light codes in this quantum experiment, He is re-accessing your own DNA , which he knows you have aligned and done much work with leading up to this point in time, so this is just a reminder. And this is true for each one of you who are witnessing this , this does exist and is paramount throughout time. Again, there is a distinction because each of you who are present in this room will receive a magnification of this blessing and others will receive ripple effects which will be less pronounced but will be still coherent.

In your minds eye, Darlene, you can imagine, as everyone is holding space in this room for you, that your cells re lighting up with a defined sense of hope. Because in this room are also concerns of varying degrees about the future. (it may be a concern about one’s personal future or it may be an entire Earth future or it may be a concern about the galaxy’s future. However it is what’s happening now is that Archangel Michael is pinpointing that one point of light in your own cellular DNA which truly is the Christ wisdom within.

As this Chrsit Wisdom is being activated it is like a small detonation of ‘knowing’ that can be accelerated through your entire cellular biology by breathing in deeply and as you exhale, exhale a knowing of possibilities for Hope! You inhale , you identify and acknowledge the stress and as you exhale you acknowledge hope. This literally is activating soul memory at the level of your biology, that all is well. And as you are given this grounded information, this resonance with truth, as you are also the keeper of the crystal world, you feel the determination of the crystals to surround and support you at the elemental level. So in your wisdom you have surrounded ‘you’ of course with a myriad of symbols, energetic symbols that are heightening level of energy, while grounding in this reality.

This is a coarse reality, whereas all of you know, the infinite divine level of the spirit, holds so much wisdom and so much power for each one of you . But how to tabulate or calculate movement in day-to-day life. How to calculate motion, breath, awareness, choices ? This is accomplished in the here and now, because the here and now plays such a vital role for the future.

And you may all now feel as though there are your own set of angel wings appearing on the backs of your shoulders. Allowing them to raise with golden awareness, knowing and appreciating your authentic power and the source of which is unknown. Or you may say is God, or you may say is the son. But for now let us say it is a mystery. A question … what is this God? What is this Source?

This is energy that is moving. A violet light that is moving through this room , allowing the flame of violet wisdom to carry any concerns that you may have to a higher realm. Let us call this God for a moment. The consciousness of I AM. The truth of knowing. A completion of goodness. A wisdom of the ages.

As we prepare to receive the light from the light codes there has been a request from the Astral Travelers that we each put a drop of chamomile in the palm of our hands.

Darlene: check in. “Feeling really good. Seeing galactic being outside in the trees” !! And also the power of owl and bear.

Others share: Feeling light all around this room

Feeling the light of ancestors coming in

I dreamt about two suns last night.

Archangel Michael: First of all he wants me to share that I myself had a lucid dream about two suns about 7 years ago. Introducing a new epoch – a distinction in timelines between some are experiencing is reality is a continual obsession with the material world – one reality . the second sun .. well, there is actually 3 levels of reality but the second sun is the 5th dimension and beyond this reality that we know , and it will light the way for those who work, like the work that was done with Darlene and others in this room as well as friends and loved ones, you know who are working very diligently to create room light and new consciousness. There will be a second sun that will shine for them. You see? It is a second dimension. The spectrum of awareness in this room is quite high actually , and there is an understanding that there may be multiple layers of beings existing on Earth and as there has been for 1000’s of years, so this is just now becoming an awareness that there have been beings that have lived in your sun and have an acute form of intelligence that comes in to your planet daily. And then there are those who live in the inner world, inside the Earth and they have lived in another dimension for thousands of years . Will continue to do so until it is safe to form new dimensional reality with all of you. Then there will be a shared dimension with the second sun. It is hard to believe?

I’m also seeing that 2 suns correlate to Sirius A and B. Also symbolic of mother ships coming to support us.

AAM: Equally true. Would you be willing to give a short tutorial on Sirius, that point of connection?

Participant: Sure. Sirius, to me, and to the Native Americans, specifically the Lakota and the ancient Egyptians, connected to the flowing of the Nile ; so giving waters , the primal waters of Mother Earth. In those primal waters, are light codes, like you are speaking of. We can drink of this water. In the invisible realm, that is why it is good to drink spring water, not water that has been toxified by chemicals. To nourish our bodies, because there are minerals, and there is information int hat water that when we drink it and take it inside of ourselves, it is activating, And also on the emotional level water is the cleansing. Right now there is great cleansing and purification that wants to happen in our bodies, in our minds, and in our spirits and we need to tallow that to occur, because the emotional releasing is key to us creating a new world and new lives that we all want - for future generations as well for all beings that are on earth and around earth as well. The light is also – last night a very powerful ritual and light is being beamed to Earth in order to help us, and I don’t mean just raindrops fo light – this is huge beams of light coming to us to support us to create our new realities, and that is why the emotional clearing is so key – to acknowledge the tears, the rage, all of the renge of emotions, because to let them go we have to acknowledge. Water also has memory and so when we imprint water with memory of love and light we send that into all the streams, rivers, oceans and ponds and lakes…that is a huge prayer we can do on a daily basis to help raise the Earth’s vibration. So Sirius is very connected to with water and the emotional realm

AAM: Thank you that is a wonderful preparatory study for receiving these codes this morning. Take a moment and turning over the session to the Astral Traveleers. With the ingredients of chamomile in our palms, this actually is a calming, soothing receptor for our physical bodies, as these light codes begin to stream in. Keep breathing , imagining your backs on the Earth, laying in this beautiful meadow that we are all sharing and our hearts are opening with love and hope. Any fear of speaking your truth is being released , AAM is coming by each one of you and gently lightly creating an uplift movement with his wing on top of your throat chakras for each one of you, lifting, lifting, lifting any fear of speaking one’s truth. As your hearts continue to resonate now he is coming around with your personal angels , they are helping to relieve any stress on the tops of your shoulders, any sense of over burdened lives, whether this life or past lives. So any sense of fear of actualization because it may be too much of a burden based on yoru past experience, He is letting that let loose! Moving to our solar plexus/stomach/womb/abdomen. Reassuring all of you that the Earth is full of abundance and is ready to give birth to that abundance.

The Astral Travelers are speaking in a language that sounds a lot like ticks. So I am readjusting my capacity so I can hear what they are telling me:

AT: (Seeing galaxy – all of the stars – Sirius ) They have traveled a long way to be here at this time. That all of this has been predicted. Many of you know that this particular set of light codes were set several weeks ago, maybe up to 3 months ago. That there are several layers of grids that are surrounding your Earth, this particular grid is specific in that it allows a direct connection frm your heart…. To the heart of God . It is not that wasn’t accessible before, but it is that we are doing now on behalf of all beings on Earth. So that there is an awakening, that is a new level of awakening. The consciousness of the Earth is meant to meet a certain requirement in order to be sustainable…or to last. And due to a hgh level of fear the results/the problem is that Earth did not reach the category of light that was intended for this time period and so this use of this light grid is intended to help up the amp age if you will, on Earth, and is so inherent in all possibilities- not to say only possibilities, but probabilities. That the energy of the heart is the core issue that needs to resonate in order for there to be peace globally on your Earth. So to begin, imagine your hearts as accelerators or magnifiers of these existing light codes, notably at this time of the solstice where there is the least amount of light – this certainly is a time of expansion.

Just to ground this with the Earth then imagining the Earth is receiving these pulses of light as well.

Question: Alaska? One of the light codes above Alaska is very dark – the Astral Travelers are asking for help from the group to put light towards that area. Anywhere any of us have family or loved ones we can use our minds to travel to that location and look up and make sure that those lights along that grid are activated.

Can you imagine world peace ? {Group quietly visualizing world peace}

End of session.

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