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$10 1-Question by Email!


Please know that there is much that can be shared and understood in an email Angel response! 

There are so many ways to access the higher wisdom and writing is a superb way to share links, gain depth and understanding. 

Offered 24/7.   Submit your email with your order below and allow 5 - 7 days for a full response. 

1)  You send an email to my email at [email protected]

2)  Once confirmed that I have received it I will ask you to send your question

3)  When I create quiet time for my meditation, I will center myself and provide a response in full for you and send it your way!

4) If you have further questions then we can discuss a full session or feel free to purchase another email follow up reading!  I love the flexibiity of this offer by the way (brought to you by Archangel Michael)

Please send appt request to my email: [email protected]

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