Archangel Messages by Asia

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Private sessions are available in-person, by Facebook chat, by phone or Zoom. Sessions are offered at a cost of $125.00 
(or by request at a reduced rate)

I also have a single question price!  In this way you can email or fb messenger me one question and I will check in with the angels for you.  This is at a cost of $25.00!  So if you have that one burning question about your relationship, career, health, family, whether to travel or not - anything - please let me know by email: [email protected]  
Generally, I  honestly recommend that clients book three sessions consecutively. Sessions that are scheduled over several weeks allow time for integration of new teachings. 
I offer a discount on a package of 3 sessions, so if you purchase three sessions you receive a $50 reduction or $325.00.

It has been asked of me to connect with many of our angels that surround us day and night., and to share this connection with as many people as is possible to provide guidance, healing and integration of new choices.  I work mainly with Archangel Michael, who requested that I use the tree as a symbol of integration for those who visit this website.  Symbols can provide a common language creating a pathway towards understanding the Self more clearly. 

The tree is an ancient symbol of wisdom.  With deep roots, a broad sweeping canopy, a trunk with bark created for protection and a pure single column of heartwood which runs vertically through the middle of the tree - this symbol reminds us to maintain a connection between the earth and the sky- thru the heart.  The heartwood provides us with an image of what is truly needed to keep the body, mind, spirit strong - it is the heartwood that keeps the tree alive and strong - as with us, it is pure Love that provides balance and strength.   

A tree is also created of parts that have scientific names, xylem and phloem, which alternately move water, minerals and nutrients from the roots in the soil up to the limbs and tips of the very top of the tree.  The phloem collects the very essence of what occurs when sunlight meets the leaf in a process called photosynthesis.  A process that turns sunlight into sugars which travel down the interior of the bark, further feeding the roots of the tree.   
You can easily make a connection to how it is that we nurture ourselves too - and not just physically - but spiritually tune in to what creates the highest level of care for 
our continued growth and pursuance of happiness.

Such things as these are like miracles to me,
 and they are happening every day around us and within us.   Also, very much like us, trees cannot stand alone, they need a community around them to create harmony for all of these parts to work.  They also need seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall.  

They need the nutrients of their own fallen leaves to protect and sustain them in the  following season to support spring growth.  Many lessons to be learned here from the tree. The angels assist me by showing me such symbols as these routinely. This helps me understand their intent, whereas sometimes language can be more difficult as there are patterns in language that can be misinterpreted.  Using our daily experiences as symbols we can read more into ourselves each and every day.  The sessions provide support and energy exchange for higher levels of understanding of what is most important, what to follow and what to let fall away.  Much like the awakening growth of Spring, we allow the old to let go, 
and the new to come forward. 


Workshops listed below are available !  For a special occassion at
your home or business location.   
*Please see classes page for more detail: 



I.  Meditation for Heart-Connection

Our lessons with the bees, as with all of Nature, teaches us Divine wisdom and soul understanding about the inherent need for 

balance in ourselves, and as we come together  we learn how better we can communicate in our families, in relationships and 

in our local communities.


II. Discover Your Soul’s Divine Purpose

It is something that we must uncover within.  Our preconceived ideas of what we are supposed to be fall away and we take time to breathe in and activate that which we are inspired by.  This inspiration is an indication that we are being guided along our truest soul's divine purpose.  This workshop allows time for dialogue as well as personalized instruction and sharing to find this within in a safe place for discovery.  

III.  Creativity and Intuition: 
Opening to the Truth of Your Heart

In this introductory workshop you will begin a creative process to reclaim:  Creative Intuition; Wisdom; Your Inner Truth.    Wisdom and Truth come forward as you transform negative self-talk to return to your true self to the Light. 

            In this workshop participants will create a personal mandala.  Includes in-class guidance from Archangel Michael


    From Archangel Uriel:  "Hoping to connect to the eternal nature of Love? Or maybe you are seeking to find the natural laws that lead you to keeping a natural alignment with the soul of your own precious being?  Trust! and treat each moment as a precious drop of clarity. As if you were tasting the incomprehensible for the first time.   All future value is unknown but here in the Now it is not uncertain. The powerful teacher of hearing and seeing, (intuiting) - is accomplished most often when you breathe in deeply and say wisely, 'This moment is all that I know', and if you wish to believe - in a very existential way of speaking to you this morning - you might find a courage to say, 'This present moment is all  I care to know'! "

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